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You never know where Twitter will take you.

One day last week,  scrolling through the Twitter feed,  an event in Orillia,  Ontario jumped off the page. Don Tapscott,  @dtapscott, was speaking at the Orillia Opera House! As a resident of Beaverton,  a small town north of Toronto,  this was a tremendous find; being able to attend a first-class presentation without having to navigate through Toronto traffic.

#4 Influential Management Thinker AliveTapscott Blog Quote

As it turns out,  Don Tapscott,  one of the world’s leading authorities on innovation,  media,  and the economic and social impact of technology,  spent his teen years growing up in Orillia. Although now in Toronto and serving as an Adjunct Professor of Management at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, and the inaugural fellow at the Martin Prosperity Institute,  his roots remain in Orillia. His mother still lives in the community and she was his most ardent fan at the event.

Time didn’t allow for a deep dive into each topic introduced,  however the concepts were informative,  thought provoking,  and sufficiently tantalizing to inspire one to check out Tapscott’s website and pick up a couple of his books. As one of the most influential management thinkers alive (#4 according to Thinkers50),  the topics he addressed are ones that every organization, corporate or NFP,  need to know about.

Key Principles for Business and the World

There is no question that technology has changed the way business is done,  a radical notion Tapscott predicted twenty years ago. Social media is driving organizations to greater transparency and collaboration; two things Don proclaims are needed in order to experience success in this digital age. However,  these are not the only factors a company needs in the Age of Networked Intelligence,  they also need to share assets in support of the greater social good and knowledge and intelligence,  which lead to empowerment.

Collaboration,  openness,  sharing,  integrity and interdependence are not concepts that one would have expected to see in a business curriculum twenty years ago. The world is changing and organizations need to think and act globally. Tapscott’s research has convinced him that these are not only key business principles; they are principles for achieving a world that is secure,  prosperous,  just,  and sustainable. ( If that doesn’t convince organizations to embrace these principles,  what will?

Stay tuned for insights gleaned in some of the books by Don Tapscott.

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