Policy Summit

policy summit

[Policy Consultation, Experiential event, Youth engagement, in-person and on-line, Dedicated moderators, Livestreaming, Digital response system, onsite logistics, event management, Minister and staff, Risk management, Project management]

At amplifi we embrace an agile Project Management approach to ensure rigour and structure to our approach while also being able to accommodate changes necessitated by client requirements.  Senior consultants on this project worked with staff and political office representatives, bringing insight and risk management need to adapt shifting priorities while continuing to progress the detailed plan to hit key milestones.  By providing timely updates and close focus on dependent variables we are known to consistently deliver on time and on budget.

If high-priority items need to be addressed between regular up-date meetings, we connect with the Primary Project Contact from the Ministry or client organization to ensure issues are addressed on a timely and coordinated basis. To track progress and timelines we utilize a project management framework closely tied to a detailed event management platform.

Clarity on expense management and reporting requirements from the outset ensure that there are no surprises to the client or to the amplifi consultant acquiring products or services for the summit.  Budget updates form an essential part of the regular project updates. Detailed receipts are secured and made available to client representatives as requested.