Advocacy in the age of Urgency

Advocacy in the Age of Urgency Check out the excellent McKinsey Quarterly January 2018 article by Aaron De Smet and Chris Gagnon: a comprehensive description of how organizations need to adapt in this Age of Urgency. So much of what they describe can be immediately applied to the need to include advocacy in business execution.
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Leadership & Ice Cream: An Inspired Social Innovation

Leadership: taking responsibility for the condition of the environment in which you find yourself, and doing something about it. Traditionally, the definition of leadership has aligned itself with a vertical business model supporting powerful people possessing ‘leadership’ traits that enabled them to reach the top of their organization. One leader with many followers. However, the shift in business from a vertical structure to more horizontal orientation has led to a broader playing field with greater opportunity
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Social Media? How Do I Know Which Network Works Best For My Organization?

Have you noticed that online social networking has changed since the first email was sent in 1971? You may not have been around yet in the early ‘70s,  but the picture tells it all. With its start in electronic mail,  social media has evolved. In more recent years,  it has transitioned from a means to simply recount what one had for dinner (although some people
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The New World of Business

You never know where Twitter will take you. One day last week,  scrolling through the Twitter feed,  an event in Orillia,  Ontario jumped off the page. Don Tapscott,  @dtapscott, was speaking at the Orillia Opera House! As a resident of Beaverton,  a small town north of Toronto,  this was a tremendous find; being able to attend a first-class presentation without having to navigate through Toronto traffic. #4 Influential Management Thinker Alive
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Book Review – Mission, Inc

Mission,  Inc. the practitioner’s guide to social enterprise By Kevin Lynch and Julius Walls,  Jr.   Businesses are becoming increasingly aware that working to improve the social good is no longer an option. Customers,  clients and communities want to support organizations that are sustainable,  environmentally aware,  and contributing to the betterment of people: organizations that are connected to their corporate soul. Yet working for the common good in an effort to make the world
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5 Levels of Employee Learning that Lead to Corporate Soul

How does a manager engage staff so they choose behaviours that will cut costs and grow the business?  Corporate Citizenship and living the Corporate Soul begins with a solid values-based business strategy that every employee strives to achieve. Seem like a level of enlightenment that you will never achieve? There are 5 simple questions that you need to answer to open the door to greater employee awareness,  business
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Google Putting Small Business on its Shoulders

  There is a stigma out there that prevents many small businesses from getting online: Too much money; too complicated; not necessary. The value an online presence can have for any business is clear: 77% of Canadians are online; 82% of Canadian Internet users shop online; and that the average Canadian consumer researches a product or service before buying (online). So Google wants to help more
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Rework: Continued

This post is an expansion on the book review I did for the CSAE Trillium Chapter Forum magazine. In the book Rework,  37signals Co-Founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson write about ways to set your organization apart from the competition. As entrepreneurs dedicated to running a small tech company,  they understand the need to build awareness with a miniscule (or non-existent) marketing budget. The co-authors hit a few interesting points and introduce some good thoughts on how
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Advocates vs. Customers/Members

Every organization,  whether non-profit,  volunteer,  private or public achieves success by providing value. It doesn’t matter what the product or service is,  if it provides value it will attract customers,  members or donations. So how can you take these customers/members/volunteers or other one-touch user and transform them into someone who not only comes back to you to for your value,  but champions your brand,  issue
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