The New World of Business

You never know where Twitter will take you. One day last week,  scrolling through the Twitter feed,  an event in Orillia,  Ontario jumped off the page. Don Tapscott,  @dtapscott, was speaking at the Orillia Opera House! As a resident of Beaverton,  a small town north of Toronto,  this was a tremendous find; being able to attend a first-class presentation without having to navigate through Toronto traffic. #4 Influential Management Thinker Alive
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Likenomics: The Economics of Digital Advocacy

So what is likenomics? It’s the acknowledgement that social capital is one of the most valuable assets that individuals and organizations can possess in today’s online environment. We all know that it’s simple to post something online, but it’s not so easy to gain and maintain the respect and popularity that is needed to really see your efforts explode (in a good way).

Social Media can Lead to Real Results

I saw a great article in Mashable today on how PR pros are using social media to achieve real results for B2B clients. You can check out the article at

Many people don’t think that social media is a viable option in raising awareness and generating buzz when selling to other businesses – social media is for connecting with people, not businesses…