Digital Advocacy

DIGITAL ADVOCACY: Proven for getting response from elected representatives and aspiring candidates alike: Your community members are busy, and you are too. Let us implement your campaign and spare you the effort. We take the pressure off of you and put it on the politicians; where it belongs Our digital solution empowers individual members to
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The New World of Business

You never know where Twitter will take you. One day last week,  scrolling through the Twitter feed,  an event in Orillia,  Ontario jumped off the page. Don Tapscott,  @dtapscott, was speaking at the Orillia Opera House! As a resident of Beaverton,  a small town north of Toronto,  this was a tremendous find; being able to attend a first-class presentation without having to navigate through Toronto traffic. #4 Influential Management Thinker Alive
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Reputation Economy Thrives on Corporate Soul

  There are truly great organizations making good happen while earning a solid ROI. They employ bright people.  Their products or services are respected. Their brand has prominence. They have SOUL. So,  what exactly does that mean? Corporate Soul is revealed in the actions and interactions of the business and people perspectives of any organization, and is the cornerstone of the Reputation Economy. We say it is the summation of the parts:
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B Corp? Does that have anything to do with Corporate Soul?

I was at the York Technology Alliance (YTA is now TechConnex. They are an amplifi client.) annual general meeting recently and got to hear firsthand about how one GTA tech company is following their corporate soul. Jason Cottrell,  Founder and Director of Myplanet Digital,  was the luncheon keynote speaker. Theirs is an inspiring story of growth and achievement. Jason shared his aspiration of establishing and growing a successful business while
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Canadian Values and CSR…What about it, Eh?

Canadians are often ribbed for being too polite,  lacking panache,  or generally just being nice.  Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan even claimed that we lack an identity.  Perhaps,  but we do have values,  and when it comes to CSR,  culture and values are what define it. Are there Canadian companies whose social purpose and CSR have been shaped by our cultural values? Indeed. In
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Welch v. Tapscott: The “Are Corporations People?” Debate

Two great minds. Two great thinkers. Two great leaders. Missing the real point: It’s not about whether businesses are PEOPLE,  it’s whether or not they have SOUL that matters. In an article published on Huffington Post,  Tapscott argues that businesses aren’t people and that the conversation around board room tables is solely about maximizing shareholder value—which is the driver of executive compensation. Welch disagrees.
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Olympic lessons in Sustainability and Volunteer Engagement

Have you seen the City of London 2012 Sustainability Plan Summary,Towards a one planet 2012? If you haven’t yet,  you should. Talk about Corporate Social Responsibility best practice! These Olympics touched all stakeholders in a profound way,  the people and the planet, locally and globally.  London 2012 totally embraced,  and brought to fruition,  their claim that these Olympic games were “everyone’s 2012.” A Games with Sustainability
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Does culture = fluff? Think Again.

Fluff gets in the way of the bottom line   This common misconception needs a tune-up. Research is showing that healthy organizational cultures are a key component in long-term,  sustainable success,  and values are the cultural glue that holds it all together. For those that believe investing in the soft side of business is a waste of time,  beware: there are significant benefits that come from a vibrant and alive corporate culture. Shawn
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Google’s Corporate Soul

Who would have ever thought that an engineer would be the one to inspire corporate soul at Google,  one of the world’s most dominant tech companies? When you want to know what a phrase means,  what do you do?  You Google it. And if you Google ‘corporate soul, ’ links appear on the page however,  the true depth of the meaning isn’t revealed unless you dig a little deeper into
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