All lobbying is advocacy, but not all advocacy is lobbying!

 Advocacy OR Lobbying???  All lobbying is advocacy, but not all advocacy is lobbying! The Fine Print – the following isn’t legal advice but if you wish to dig deeper we can direct you to some lawyers who really get this stuff! Check your local rules, laws and requisite registration requirements.  Advocacy: (a generally accepted definition)[…]

Multigenerational Planning Now

A great narrative found on the American Planning Association site on the importance and involvement of the several generations in a community to ensure the sustainability of that community. This gets us far deeper into the community discussion than the overused reference to “It takes a village to raise a child”. Keypoints #1: Multigenerational planning creates new[…]

Book Review: The Pollyanna Principles – Reinventing “Nonprofit Organizations” to Create the Future of Our World

Organizations,  especially not-for-profits,  face many daunting challenges today. With valiant missions and goals to impact a social issue or cause, they aspire to make a difference in the world. Yet competition to win funding, donors, and sometimes even clients/program users, pulls attention away from the true organizational focus and onto more mundane activities such as fundraising and budget scrutiny. These are the hard realities of life in the NFP world. According to Hildy Gottlieb,[…]

Stepping back or stepping off a cliff? When stories need to be reframed

One of my favourite quotes is from one of the best storytellers of our time, Barack Obama. He once said: “I had to know and understand my own story before I could listen and help others with theirs.” So often,  we run into organizations that are struggling to understand their story. Especially when it comes to advocacy, they have an idea of what they want to happen but not why. Sure,  usually[…]

Leadership & Ice Cream: An Inspired Social Innovation

Leadership: taking responsibility for the condition of the environment in which you find yourself, and doing something about it. Traditionally, the definition of leadership has aligned itself with a vertical business model supporting powerful people possessing ‘leadership’ traits that enabled them to reach the top of their organization. One leader with many followers. However, the shift in business from a vertical structure to more horizontal orientation has led to a broader playing field with greater opportunity[…]

Social Media? How Do I Know Which Network Works Best For My Organization?

Have you noticed that online social networking has changed since the first email was sent in 1971? You may not have been around yet in the early ‘70s,  but the picture tells it all. With its start in electronic mail,  social media has evolved. In more recent years,  it has transitioned from a means to simply recount what one had for dinner (although some people[…]

The New World of Business

You never know where Twitter will take you. One day last week,  scrolling through the Twitter feed,  an event in Orillia,  Ontario jumped off the page. Don Tapscott,  @dtapscott, was speaking at the Orillia Opera House! As a resident of Beaverton,  a small town north of Toronto,  this was a tremendous find; being able to attend a first-class presentation without having to navigate through Toronto traffic. #4 Influential Management Thinker Alive[…]

Beware: Reputation Takes on a Whole New Meaning

When you were growing up,  did your mother ever tell you that you should behave yourself no matter where you go,  for you just never know when your reputation will catch up to you? That sage advice is even more important today,  personally,  professionally and organizationally. Online and offline. Your brand and reputation can be made or marred anywhere in the world,  and shared through[…]

Reputation Economy Thrives on Corporate Soul

  There are truly great organizations making good happen while earning a solid ROI. They employ bright people.  Their products or services are respected. Their brand has prominence. They have SOUL. So,  what exactly does that mean? Corporate Soul is revealed in the actions and interactions of the business and people perspectives of any organization, and is the cornerstone of the Reputation Economy. We say it is the summation of the parts:[…]