Beware: Reputation Takes on a Whole New Meaning

When you were growing up,  did your mother ever tell you that you should behave yourself no matter where you go,  for you just never know when your reputation will catch up to you?

That sage advice is even more important today,  personally,  professionally and organizationally. Online and offline. Your brand and reputation can be made or marred anywhere in the world,  and shared through the myriad social networks with the click of a key.
The reputation economy has arrived

According to Dan Schawbel,  the reputation economy is an environment where the brands of both products and professionals are built on their online perception and the promise they deliver offline. In his article The Reputation Economy is Coming – Are You Prepared? he offers tips and tactics for measuring how you currently stand online,  emphasizing that awareness is the key to management. The new motto: be intentional in promoting your personal,  professional and corporate reputation so that you are the influencer when amplifying your brand.

This same strategy could also apply to building corporate reputation but,  before going down that path,  you really need to connect with your organization’s Corporate Soul. The starting point is the vision,  mission and values,  assuming of course that there is a greater purpose to your organization than just to build a healthy bottom line.

Do some digging and take that first step. Your reputation depends upon it.

This week’s action plan:
  • Take time to dig for the current online reputation for you professionally and for your company
  • Read your organizational vision,  mission and values

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