Advocacy in the age of Urgency

Advocacy in the Age of Urgency

Check out the excellent McKinsey Quarterly January 2018 article by Aaron De Smet and Chris Gagnon: a comprehensive description of how organizations need to adapt in this Age of Urgency.

So much of what they describe can be immediately applied to the need to include advocacy in business execution. Similar to the processes described in the article, Digital Advocacy will extend your reach at scale and with speed, to increase the impact of your organization’s messages through social channels and direct connection with elected representatives.

Digital Advocacy provides anywhere access to critical messaging for your staff, members, clients or wider community to immediately connect with their elected representative with their version of your meaningful message.

…a commonality among those who get it right: they create adaptive, fast-moving organizations that can respond quickly and flexibly to new opportunities and challenges as they arise. In doing so, they’re moving intelligent decision making to the front lines.1

Lots has been said of Agile project management in recent years. Now we see managers everywhere making the connection that the agile approach is essential to their ability to adapt, disrupt or change…quickly while incorporating new information as it is revealed in real time. The amplifi Digital Advocacy platform works that way too.

Several of these forward-thinking organizations now starkly describe their decision making as being pushed to the “edges”—to and beyond employees, past the organization’s four walls, and out to consumers and partners. The process functions more like a network and less like a chain of command.2

The authors note that guidance and direction is needed but importantly these successful organizations are structuring to embrace speed, agility and urgency. They note that, “because the destination is uncertain you need an “emergent strategy,” which entails a relentless quest and not a defined end point.”

OK, so amplifi Digital Advocacy does that too. Got 90 seconds to view the explainer video?  Or, check out how we support your advocates, even if they are firmly cast as Slactivists today, at


1,2 De Smet, Aaron and Gagnon, Chris ‘Organizing for the age of urgency’ McKinsey Quarterly, January 2018

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