Digital Advocacy and Public Engagement

When Change is Needed

Build awareness, educate and mobilize community to support your issue, cause or project . We help mobilize, message and deliver to MAKE GOOD HAPPEN

Ignite passion and deliver meaningful content in a form and format that staff, community and regulators will be able to advance the awareness, acceptance and achievement of sought-after outcomes amongst key stakeholders. Be agile and innovative while managing risks using a structured approach throughout the process.

Summits and Events

Through predictable in-person gatherings and online community events we help turn summits & meetings into life experiences that support meaningful change. Using engagement technologies and appealing approaches, we get your message to more people to participate in positive and sustainable change.

Advocacy and Trust

Never be overwhelmed! We handle all the challenges of satisfying political, public, and organizational needs for information and education while managing stakeholder commitments and production schedules on track. Get your messages directly to the elected Representatives OR Candidates who can help make a difference.


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Helping change-makers like you through public engagement and direct connection to elected representatives
Make Good Happen

We are an agency that creates engaging communications for inspired change.

We work with businesses, governments, charities, communities, NGOs and professional organizations. We are agile - moving quickly to help you mobilize your community and influence change for good.

We believe that the right program can unite employees and inspire them to express real corporate care.

Community Citizenship brings good to life where we live, work and play. We help ignite the movements and messages that support the actions and involvement at grassroots levels.

We are NOT lobbyists.
We help build capacity and alignment for individuals to find their voice and take action. amplifi is a digital advocacy firm dedicated to helping you have your voice heard by the policymakers and elected representatives who can make change happen.


  • inform

    Social media and engagement technologies open a whole new world for engagement and advocacy . There are new and very real demands for transparency. New technologies and tools accelerate speed and reach of communications. We help navigate the digital waters to amplify the narrative you need to deliver.

  • Involve

    We help reach your key stakeholders, and with the right blend of technology and in-person programs, like summits, we activate authentic engagement and meaningful exchange. Welcome your public as advocates for your cause and invite them to use their voice for you.

  • Inspire

    Keeping champions engaged is as difficult as it is important. Once active keep them updated, enthused and involved through our suite of engagement tools and campaigns. Keep timely and relevant information flowing. Open channels for meaningful feedback and sustained engagement. Let them know how important they are our technology and expertise can help.

enabling advocacy, PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT AND policy summits

Advocacy & Change
Advocacy & Change
Grassroots Mobilization | Community Investment | Employee Engagement | Thought Leadership
There are many people, industries and professions significantly impacted by municipal, provincial and federal policy. We help engage the right community, create meaningful messages, mobilize the parties, and reach decision makers. We help clarify the issue, identify your stakeholders and collaboratively build stories that will inform, involve, and inspire through connections with elected Representatives and Candidates.
Public Engagement
Public Engagement
Public Engagement | Partnership Building | Issues Management | Direct & Digital | Volunteerism
We help choose the causes and non-profit partners to make an impact in the communities where you work and play. We amplify the impact of your investment and engage your staff in building community and building support. We help with the right blend of social (digital) and in-person programs, trigger authentic inspired two-way dialogue. We engage the multi-generational community, including youth to support sustainable change.
Summits & Events
Summits & Events
Community Collaboration | Online Management | Project Management | Livestream
Listen carefully. In-person communication encourages collaboration and new ideas. We work with you to create events that are engaging, invigorating, and directly connect you with your public. Technology helps to extend the reach, and is frequently used to help you achieve your goals.
Strategy & Design
Strategy & Design
Strategy Capture | Policy Input | Design Thinking | Workshops & Facilitation
Start at the end with the beginning in mind. We create strategies from scratch or build on your current advocacy and Community Citizenship actions to amplify outcomes. Design thinking is collaborative & focused on delivering good that surpasses every goal. A creative and templated approach recognizes uniqueness within an overarching structure.



Our Portfolio

A quick look at a few projects and programs we've assisted our clients with
  • Cross Canada Digital Advocacy

    The Aftermarket Automotive Industry in Canada is a $20B sector – serving Canadians in literally every corner of the country. The Association representing the Sector was under considerable pressure from vehicle manufacturer’s efforts to “drive” all technology repairs to their Dealerships. amplifi created digital tools and online education and service support to ensure that members across the country had their voice heard by the candidates in the Federal election at the time.

    With amplifi strategy and creative development, along with project management of development and delivery of the cloud delivered tools, the AIA members generated a significant following of support. One MP brought forward a Private Members Bill – called Right to Repair – which triggered a response from the vehicle manufacturers and the resolution of operating terms so that independent repair shops could continue to provide the full suite of repairs a vehicle owner would ask of them.


    Cross Canada Digital Advocacy
    Associations Digital Advocacy
  • Policy Summit

    policy summit

    [Policy Consultation, Experiential event, Youth engagement, in-person and on-line, Dedicated moderators, Livestreaming, Digital response system, onsite logistics, event management, Minister and staff, Risk management, Project management]

    At amplifi we embrace an agile Project Management approach to ensure rigour and structure to our approach while also being able to accommodate changes necessitated by client requirements.  Senior consultants on this project worked with staff and political office representatives, bringing insight and risk management need to adapt shifting priorities while continuing to progress the detailed plan to hit key milestones.  By providing timely updates and close focus on dependent variables we are known to consistently deliver on time and on budget.

    If high-priority items need to be addressed between regular up-date meetings, we connect with the Primary Project Contact from the Ministry or client organization to ensure issues are addressed on a timely and coordinated basis. To track progress and timelines we utilize a project management framework closely tied to a detailed event management platform.

    Clarity on expense management and reporting requirements from the outset ensure that there are no surprises to the client or to the amplifi consultant acquiring products or services for the summit.  Budget updates form an essential part of the regular project updates. Detailed receipts are secured and made available to client representatives as requested.

    policy summit
    Policy Summit
    Digital Advocacy Open Gov Social Media
  • Digital Advocacy

    DIGITAL ADVOCACY: Proven for getting response from elected representatives and aspiring candidates alike:

    • Your community members are busy, and you are too. Let us implement your campaign and spare you the effort.
    • We take the pressure off of you and put it on the politicians; where it belongs
    • Our digital solution empowers individual members to take action, supported with approved and targeted messaging

    THE RIGHT TO REPAIR CAMPAIGN – Saved an Industry

    • Automotive after market repairs & services > $20 Billion/yr*
    • Market distributed 75% Independents/25% dealerships
    • Vehicle manufacturers positioned technology repairs as “Proprietary Solutions”
    • Industry Association representing community repair shops adopted National Advocacy Campaign
    • amplifi “re-oriented” complex economic arguments to focus messaging on individual auto owner’s personal choice
    • Created digital portal for association members advocacy materials and support (member companies in EVERY Federal riding)
    • Frontline focused to educate/engage consumers and connect with all candidates
    • Following election a Private Members Bill was introduced by an opposition member – referred to second reading
    • Vehicle manufactures negotiated settlement with industry association and provided access to technology repair solutions

    Digital Advocacy
    Corporate Soul Digital Advocacy Social Media
  • Canada-US Cross-Border Hackathon

    [48 hour event, multi-location, Google Hangouts, Livestreaming, team communications, onsite logistics, event management, moderator, host Trade Commissioner, judging, awards]

    amplifi led organization and implementation of the Ontario leg of this international event seeking to improve trade efficiency and border crossing administration of small-value parcels.  amplifi was responsible for all logistical details on the Canadian site for this 48-hour app development hackathon event that hosted 100 registrants at each of the Toronto and Chicago sites.  In collaboration with the US Department of Homeland Security, State Department, the US Chamber of Commerce, Dickinson-Wright, North of 41, and TechConnex, amplifi designed, developed and hosted Canadian participation and technology connections of this competition that ran simultaneously in Toronto and Chicago.

    The scope of services included securing the site locale, program and team structuring and communications tools, developing floorplans, site logistics including catering for the two-plus day event, securing Border Agents as expert resources and on-site volunteers, coordinating video streaming between the two locations, arranging for media coverage (traditional and social) and overall event management.  amplifi staff served as moderator and MC for the event and facilitated the judgingprocess of final entries leading to cash rewards for three finalists.


    Canada-US Cross-Border Hackathon
    Advocacy Challenge Social Media
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