Community engagement & Public Participation

Our focus

Authentic communication enabled through collaborative technology.
Digital Advocacy

Ignite passion within the process – deliver meaningful content in a form and format that staff, community and regulators will be able to advance the awareness acceptance and achievement of sought-after outcomes. Agile and structured to confidently deliver.

Experiential Events

We create predictable in-person and online community events that turn meetings & summits into life experiences that support meaningful change through a mash-up of Design Thinking, Adult Learning Model and technologies of collaboration .

Our Commitment

You will never be surprised! We handle all the challenges of satisfying political and public as well as corporate needs for immediate information, while keeping stakeholder commitments and production schedules on track.

About US

Inform | Involve | Inspire
Make Good Happen

We are an agency that creates engaging communications for inspired change. We work with businesses, governments, charities, communities, NGOs and professional organizations. We are agile - moving quickly to help you mobilize your community and influence change for good. We believe that the right program can unite employees and inspire them to express real corporate soul. Community Citizenship brings good to life where we live, work and play. We help ignite the movements and messages that support the actions and involvement at grassroots levels. We are NOT lobbyists. We help build capacity and alignment for individuals to find their voice and take action.

  • inform

    Social media opens a whole new world for advocacy and engagement. New demands for transparency. New technologies and tools accelerating speed and reach. We help you navigate the digital waters to amplify the narrative you need to deliver.

  • Involve

    We help reach your key community, and with the right blend of technology and in-person programs we trigger authentic engagement and meaningful contributions. Welcome them as advocates for your cause and invite them use their voice for you.

  • Inspire

    Keeping your champions engaged is as difficult as it is important. Once active keep them updated, enthused and involved. Keep timely and relevant information coming. Open channels for meaningful feedback. Let them know how important they are. Technology can help.

expertise as a service

We Are Here To Help You Achieve Beyond Belief
Advocacy & Change
Advocacy & Change
Grassroots Mobilization | Community Investment | Employee Engagement | Thought Leadership
Win the hearts and minds of employees, customers, decision makers and community members. We help tell the right stories to gain support from your most important stakeholders: listen first then act – fast.
Community Engagement
Community Engagement
Community Engagement | Issues Management | Summit & Event Planning | Direct & Digital
We help reach your key community, and with the right blend of social (digital) and in-person programs, trigger authentic inspired two-way dialogue. We tirelessly engage the multi-generational community in order to support sustainable change. We include Youth in solving issues that face them and their generation – with the help of the rest of the community.
Strategy & Design
Strategy & Design
Strategy Capture | Policy Input | Design Thinking | Workshops & Facilitation
Start at the end with the beginning in mind. We create strategies from scratch or build on your current advocacy and Community Citizenship actions to amplify outcomes. Design thinking is collaborative & focused on delivering good that surpasses every goal.
Causes & Capacity
Causes & Capacity
Community Investment | Partnership Building | Change Mobilization | Employee Volunteerism
We help you identify & choose the causes and non-profit partners to make an impact in the communities where you work and play. We amplify the impact of your investment and engage your staff in building community and building support.
Policy Development
Policy Development
Grassroots Advocacy | GrassTops Advocacy
There are many people, industries and professions significantly impacted by municipal, provincial and federal policy. We help engage the right community, create meaningful messages, mobilize the parties, and reach decision makers.
Employee Engagement | Media Relations Workshops | Presentation Training | Community Management
We live and breathe advocacy & Community Citizenship. We help identify your stakeholders and collaboratively build authentic relevant stories. Inform, involve and inspire; build relationships, expand knowledge, and mobilize action through trust, transparency and honesty. A little tech goes a long way, and today your community is looking for you online long before they get inline.
Corporate Soul
Corporate Soul
Community Citizenship | Volunteerism | Playbook | Project Management
Connect your business vision to seemingly distant final outcomes by making your Community Citizenship strategy relevant for everyone in your organization. The Corporate Soul Model provides the methodology to influence and direct the narrative design, messaging and employee involvement within your organization and your marketplace


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